another snow day….


another snow day here… these snow days are murder on the writing life… but kind of great for almost everything else… especially battleship… i’ve resorted to psychological warfare to defeat my wily opponent frederick… this tactic, i assure him, is part of the game’s subtle rules… this is a major source of conflict, disagreement, and unrest in our living room… so-called neutral states, like burgess, are fickle and easily bribed with ice cream… he (or she) who controls the ice cream (or even the promise of ice cream) controls the framing of the question, which controls the outcome of the jury… popular opinion is important in marshalling the proper spirit of war, as i learned in “history”. (i mean, as i learned in “current events”.) meanwhile, one can sometimes get his opponent to divulge how close that last missile landed to his submarine… i tell frederick how this brings back many wonderful memories… how my father and i used to play just like this all the time… and will, the younger brother, will chime in and say, ‘you didn’t have a dad, dad.’ cue the vaudeville slap of hand to forehead: ‘why that explains everything!’

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  1. Bill says:

    ha… whose side are you on?

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